Brawl Stars 3on3 Open Cup #11 Italy
Brawl Stars 3on3 Open Cup #11 Italy
  •   23 Mar 2020 15:00 PM   upcoming

About the tournament

Match type: 3v3 (Bo3)
The finals will be Bo5

First match: Gem Grab (Arraffagemme)
Second match: Brawl Ball (Footbrawl)
Third match: Bounty (Ricercati)
(only finals) Fourth match: Siege (Assedio)
(only finals) Fifth match: Heist (Rapina)

In the event of a tie, the matches must be replayed.
It is possible to change Brawlers.
Each team will be able to ban a brawler before each match.

  • 119 Clans
  • it starts at
    15:00 PM
  • Prize pool
    € 0 EUR
  • °

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